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What is the GTPA?

The GTPA is an authentic culminating assessment of preservice teachers’ competence in classroom practice assessed against the Graduate Teacher Standards (Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, AITSL, 2011). In completing the GTPA, preservice teachers demonstrate the complete planning, teaching, and assessing cycle. They also show how they use evidence of student learning during their final-year professional experience placement.

Why has the GTPA been developed?

The Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education Programs in Australia: Standards and Procedures, Program Standard 1.2, requires that ‘pre-service teachers … have successfully completed a final-year teaching performance assessment prior to graduation’ (AITSL, 2015 updated 2018, p. 10). The GTPA has been developed to meet the requirements of this policy initiative intended to assure quality teacher preparation.

What are the next steps?

In 2024, a Collective of higher education institutions (HEIs) has agreed to implement the GTPA in a wide range of ITE courses at Bachelor and Masters levels. Teacher educators will work together to ensure the fidelity of how the GTPA is implemented, apply the established standard, and undertake systematic moderation for comparability purposes. This is a significant investment of expertise to strengthen public confidence in the quality of teacher education.

What work has been done to date?

The Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education began development of the GTPA in 2015. A comprehensive audit of the GTPA against the Graduate Teacher Standards was undertaken by the Queensland College of Teachers in 2016. The nation-wide Trial of the GTPA occurred throughout 2017. This included the validation of the instrument, moderation across the participating HEIs and standard-setting. A digital platform has been developed for cross-institutional moderation online (CIM-Online®) and benchmarking.


Who is involved?

Led by the Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education, a Collective of HEIs and expert teacher educators undertake GTPA implementation in a range of ITE courses across the country. Throughout the year, consultations will also occur with teachers and school leaders, regulatory authorities, teacher unions, employing authorities, and national principal associations.

What opportunities does the GTPA provide?

Through a focus on fidelity of implementation and the application of standards, including in moderation, HEIs will undertake a parallel program of research, generating data to show graduate competence measured against required standards. A feedback loop has been designed and implemented to inform HEI initiatives in consistent application of the standard. Another priority focus is use of the data for targeting improvement in ITE programs and reporting to a range of stakeholders.


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Insider Series: Evidence and Impact

The GTPA as an
authentic assessment

The GTPA has
student learning at the centre

The GTPA provides quality
assurance of graduate readiness

Using classroom data
in completing the GTPA

Reflecting on practice
in completing the GTPA

In 2024, the GTPA Collective will continue to generate new knowledge about the application of standards, judgement, and moderation to inform practice, policy and research.

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